How to Become a Front End Developer

You may find it helpful to incorporate the typical service-side software skills into your portfolio, such as Python, PHP, Ruby, and Java. Even if you stick with the front end of development, your understanding of these other programming languages can give you valuable insights into creating better websites with improved accessibility. A style sheet can also help create a responsive design for users whether they’re visiting a site on desktop or mobile devices. It uses HTML tags and adds its set of overriding rules that determine how a page will render. A front-end developer can control the visual aspects of a website, such as its font colors, button design, and text alignment.

You use HTML to structure your page into elements such as paragraphs, sections, headings, navigation bars, and so on. There are dozens of options on the market and you don’t need to learn them all. It’s often helpful to look at jobs in your area and see what technologies they’re using. FreeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design Course will teach you the basics of CSS, responsive design and accessibility. Responsive design is essential in creating websites that look good on all devices. The three main languages you need to know well are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Becoming a Front-End Engineer

See below for detailed information on the average front-end developer salary. The salary that you can expect to earn will depend on several factors, including years of experience. Senior front end developers, for instance, earn $103,344 on average per year, which is significantly higher than the average front end web developer. Using React can trim hours from a project because it’s ready to use out of the box. It also provides a range of features you may use throughout the development of an application.

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They both exist for the same purpose – managing dependencies in your codebase. A dependency is a package/software usually not developed by you/your team, but you can still use and integrate it inside your app. For example, a design system like bootstrap or tailwind CSS is a dependency. This is required because when you learn git, you can push to GitHub. When you are able to push to GitHub, you can integrate with many services like GitHub pages, Vercel, Netlify, etc. to create a live preview of your website/project.

Using APIs and RESTful Services

There is a range of skills that you’ll need to be successful in front end web development. Determining these skills will depend on where you work and what projects you’re working on. Eloquent JavaScript, now in its third edition, introduces readers to the essentials of JavaScript and programming. To start, you’ll learn about the basic JavaScript syntax and common functions.

Completing the assessments confirms that you are ready to move on to the next module. If you are not sure if front-end web development is for you, and/or you want a gentle introduction before starting a longer and more complete course, work through our Getting started with the web module first. The average front end web developer in San Francisco earns $112,171 per year. You’ll need to know how to break down a front end problem into different parts and solve it effectively.


However remember that there’s a certain mental model you need to develop when you’re working with technology, and that could take weeks if not months to get comfortable with. Therefore, it is clear that web development today is a great skill to have. In this blog post, let us look at what you need to do exactly to become a frontend web developer in 2021 and beyond. You also think of Front-End as client-side and Back-End as server-side. If you’re interested in becoming a web developer, here are some steps you can take. The national average in the U.S for a mid-level front-end developer is somewhere between $65k and 100k.

  • While they are less common, front end developers may also use Python, Ruby or PHP to easily connect data with the back end of their website.
  • Front end web developers spend their days translating designs into code.
  • Content is also essential in social media and applications geared for messaging, task management, and sharing of text, imagery, or video among users.